Type 62 Ram Blowout Preventer

The Type 62 Ram Blowout Preventer (BOP) is designed for safe well pressure control during surface and subsea drilling operations. Hydraulic ram change operation provides a fast, safe removal and replacement of rams. Forged alloy steel manufactured to the highest industry standards are used in the construction of the Type 62 BOP. Side ram removal and a composite bonnet design reduces height and weight compared to similar BOPs. Well pressure is isolated from the operating system by a special combination of a resilient lip type seal, externally energized back up seal, and a vent port. This important feature ensures no leakage of the well fluids into the operating system.

  • Designed and manufactured to ISO 13533 (API 16A) for drill through equipment
  • Hydraulic ram change and side ram removal
  • Shorter in height and reduced weight when compared to other BOPs
  • Bore sealing bonnet seal reduces bonnet stud torque
  • Single piece ram provides pressure energized well bore seal
  • Large operating piston area and optional shear boosters for reliable shearing operations
  • Flanged or studded end connections with BX or CX type gaskets are available
  • Large assortment of ram sizes and types are available
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