Annular BOP Packing Elements

Our OEM annular blowout preventer (BOP) packing elements are developed from a proprietary compound formulation, as well as optimized tooling and metallic designs to support high pressures, high temperatures and a wide variety of drilling fluids. These annular BOP packing elements are engineered for longer service and sealing life without compromising the desirable characteristics of the seal, such as open/close functionality. During validation tests on the 13-5/8" 5K Type 52 element,  AXON elements stripped over 13,500 tool joints and exceeded industry standard fatigue cycles by 160%. 

  • 13-5/8’’ 3/5M Type 52 & 13-5/8’’ 5M Type 51 annular packing elements (NBR) currently available
  • 7-1/16’’ 3/5M and 13-5/8" 3/5M Type 52 packing elements have completed 4th edition testing
  • 11" 5M Type 52, 7-1/16 5M & 11’’ 5M Type 51 annular packing elements, and natural rubber Type 52  variants under development/validation testing.
  • Compatible with AXON and most major annular BOPs
  • Each element must satisfy our factory acceptance test at 100% working pressure on pipe and 50% pressure closed on open hole
  • Includes AXON’s Seal of Authenticity and test results in documentation package

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